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in britain right now, in fact, may be susan boyle, the former choir girl from scotland who became a worldwide sensation after her appearance on a british tv talent show. susan boyle, especially in scotland, is a hard act to follow for a pope but the pop star appeal of his predecessor. mark phillips, cbs news, grass go. >> couric: and still ahead here on the cbs evening news, turning size into a plus. the fashion industry now courting full-figured women. but up next, republicans really need this woman to win if they have any hope of taking back the senate. >> couric: in the battle for control of congress, republicans would need to pick up 10 seats to take back the senate. and the seat now held by retiring connecticut democrat christopher dodd is up for grabs. that brought president obama to the constitution state today to campaign for richard blumenthal. but his opponent, republican linda mcmahon, is raid to rumble. >> you've got a front row ticket for linda mcmahon! >> that's awesome. that's awesome. >> couric: in the red corner, a political novice who managed to slam her competition in the g
't allow this to happen. ♪ >> reporter: susan boyle was once favored to win "britain's got talent," but she also came in second place. judge piers morgan reminded evancho of that. >> i said her to afterwards, susan boyle came in second and sold 10 million albums, don't worry, this is not a defeat. >> reporter: the 10-year-old said she's not worried either, happy for grimm and ready to go home in pittsburgh. >> i can't wait to hold my duckies and everything. >> reporter: proving evancho is just a kid with a very adult victory, second place. >> grimm said he wanted to win so he could buy a new hawes few his grandparents. they raised him and were misplaced by hurricane katrina. >> sounds like the voters made the right choice. i don't even know who beat susan boyle. do you? >> no. they are both winners. >>> coming up next, from for sale to sold, we will show you how to stage your home to make it appealing to buyers right after this. thanks to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned an la getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use
is born. you remember susan boyle, don't you? ♪ i dreamed a dream well, now get to know mary burns. from supermarket worker to potential superstar, we'll introduce her today, saturday, potential superstar, we'll introduce her today, saturday, september 4th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. we're certainly glad hurricane earl did not do anymore damage, but i could have used a drop of an at my house and we didn't get anything. >> it skirted off to the east, heading right toward nantucket, skirted north carolina. this has been a real close call. doesn't mean everyone's out of the woods. they did get a labor day break from hurricane earl in the northeast. actually it's been downgraded to a tropical storm as it brushed the coast of massachusetts this morning with heavy rain and high winds. >> and lots of sighs of relief up and down the east coast because this could have been a lot worse. but it if you're thinking of testing the waters at the beach, you'll want to watch out fo
, scottish singing sensation susan boyle will be serenading him live. contessa? >> all right, stephanie gosk reporting. again we're watching for that sensation, susan boyle to sing. when we see it we'll bring that to you live. again we're following breaking news right now. we're watching for a situation in baltimore where they've evacuated johns hopkins hospital because of a shooter who now reportedly is in police custody but not firing off at least one shot hitting a doctor. and again they had evacuated parts of the nelson building at johns hopkins. we are told that the situation now is under control but no word if they're letting people back in. may be the police are still clearing the hospital there. keeping an eye on the situation when we find out more we'll pass it along. now? some in congress are getting squeezed by the special interests again. trying to delay action and give polluters free reign to keep dumping toxic pollution into the air. the air our children breathe. letting big oil lobbyists get their way again, and again, and again. it's a last-minute bill, written by special int
." >>> scottish singing sensation susan boyle fulfills her dream of singing for the pop yesterday. >>> in the box office, the team come the easy a produced for nearly $1 million is the favorite to take first with $20 million or more. ben affleck stars in "r-town." experts expect it to take second. those film same experts don't expect the new horror flick evil" is to do much better than $10 million this weekend. >>> and this comes tout from wnbc news 4 new york where a group of dogs receive top honors. cassius, a former shter dog was recognized for his work during rescue relief efforts during rescue efforts in haiti and wyatt was honored for his work with disabled children. three dogs who love what they do and work tirelessly to help others. i'm lynn berry. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon. time f football verizon fios. the nfl in 100% fiber-optic hd qualit that's a good start. but what's this? i can check my fantasy stats without changing the channel. an get an alert any time my team enters the red zone. and
this morning. a dream come true for a british reality star. susan boyle got the chance to sing for pope benedict during a mass in scotland. she sang the song that got her to superstardom, "i dream to dream." >>> ellen degeneres could very well become a star maker. she signed another young singer to her recording label. degeneres launched the label 1111 by signing 12-year-old gracen chance after his performance on youtube went viral. >>> jennifer hudson accomplishes a goal. the singer and oscar winner has lost another 20 pounds. the weight watchers spokeswoman says she feels great. she went from a size 16 to a 6. however, hudson says health, not size, was what matters most. >>> good morning. 5:26. rain that came in yesterday a little earlier than expected and might have impacted your afternoon activities. i apologize for that. we actually improve in the tradeoff. strong winds building out there, but that should help to dry things out as we are looking for temperatures that should build their way back up into the 80s this afternoon. skies will range through more sun this morning and mi
a performance by scottish singer and staunch catholic susan boyle. a public figure whose popularity may outshine the man she's performing for. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >>> tomorrow the pope will meet with the british prime minister tony blair and british prime minister. >>> howard has the forecast coming up. >>> we will introduce you to the cocker spaniel and tell you about a front heading this way. back with more 9 news now in just a moment. >>> welcome back on this warm thursday afternoon. howard bernstein with you. mostly cloudy skies out there. that will be the case for the rest of the day. 85. by 6:00 and 9:00 we will have a few showers an, especially north and northwest of dc. 82 and 78. these are washington temperatures. it's cooler north and west because the rain showers have moved in to western maryland. we will look at this doppler in a moment. tonight scattered showers and a thunderstorm. the better chance is dc north. cool spots in the upper 50s and most of us in the low to mid- 60s an the winds tomorrow turn northwest behind the front. that will bring in partly cloudy to m
to 13 hours and increasing the amount of rest time between shifts. >>> and singer susan boyle will serenade the pope as part of the pontiff's celebration of mass in scotland. >>> all day long, you can stay on top of the very latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. and tonight be sure to watch brian williams with nbc "nightly news." >>> and, finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. the president of iran sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview. >>> and madman star john hand stops by studio 1a to talk about his new film. >>> now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm lynn berry. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. the day today on your nbc station. have a good one. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com
episode the soap opera "as the world turns." and scottish singing sensation susan boyle fulfilled her dream of singing for the pope yesterday as a papal mass in scotland. >>> and the teen comedy starring the currently red hot emma stone produced for a mere $8 million the favorite for first with $20 million or more. ben affleck stars in and directs the r-rated heist flick "the town." experts see it taking second with about $15 million. those same experts don't expect the new horror flick "devil" to do better than $10 million this weekend. >>> that's the latest brainchild of shaummann. >> sorry. hasn't been able to pull anything out of the gate that's done that well. don't have high hopes for "devils." >> get more creative with the naming, first off. >> good point. >>> this comes to us from wnbc news 4 new york where a group of four-legged heroes received top honors. the american kennel club honor the nation's most heroic docks yesterday. casey, former shelter dog recognized for his work during relief efforts in the earthquake ravaged area of haiti. rufus, a westminster best in show win
a punishing schedule. already he's met the queen, been serenaded by susan boyle, and made strides in healing a centuries-old rift with the church of england. but it's the child abuse scandal that has dominated this visit, as it has pope benedict's papacy itself. nina desantos, nbc news, london. >>> tourists tonight are scrambling to leave the island of bermuda as powerful atlantic hurricane igor closes in. as residents brace for the storm, the remnants of hurricane karl continue to spawn flooding across parts of mexico. at least six people have died there while scores of others have been rescued from the rising water. so with that one-two punch, the weather channel's jim cantore joins us now from bermuda as residents prepare for the arrival of igor. jim? >> reporter: yeah, the premiere has set the tone in calling this what is going to be one of the worst hurricanes to ever affect the island. it's going to be a long duration event. look at the satellite picture here. if we were to take this cloud shield and stick it on a map of the united states, it would pretty much stretch from green bay, w
in scotland. he may have missed out on singing sensation susan boyle. >>> the president of iran explained yes think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years toome. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. keeping informationnvesting, and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t. >>> afr days and days of men of sunshine, we saw a little rain. not a lot of rain but we did see some rain. just go with the cloud ver film. that will cont
singing sensation, susan boyle can't wait to meet the pope tonight. her catholic faith has carried her through difficult times she say, and she's ready to give pope benedict the performance of her life. >> probably feeling excited, very honored to be here and very humbled. >> reporter: the trip began with even more controversy. one of the pope's chief aides, cardinal walter gave an interview to a catholic magazine where he compared london and heathrow airports to landing in a third country. a lot of people were very offended by those comments. late last night, the cardinal pulled out of the trip. the vatican says he isn't feeling well. meredith. snow thanks very much. it is 7:05. here's matt. >>> to iran and nbc exclusive. president mahmoud ahmadinejad is speaking out about the hiker, sarah shourd and the fate of her two companions still being jailed in that country. andrea mitchell sat down with him on wednesday. she's in tehran with the latest on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the iran's president pressed hard for the release of sarah shourd, partly as a
in scotland and then at the end of his open-air mass, susan boyle was granted her life-long wish to sing for the pope. when our broadcast continues in just a moment, in uncertain economic times, why so many americans are finding peace of mind in a shiny part of the earth. >>> and later, more on our top story and the voices of those struggling to make it. thank you for calling usa prime credit. my name is...peggy. what is problem, please? peggy? sure...well...suddenly it looks like i'm being charged a $35 annual fee. yes? tell me it's a mistake. yes? are you saying yes or are you asking yes? yes? peggy? peggy? anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. it helps to eat calcium-rich foods like yogurt, spinach, and cheese. but calcium, vitamin d and exercise may not be enough to keep your bones strong. so ask your doctor about once-monthly boniva. boniva works with your body to help stop and reverse bone loss. studies show, after one year on boniva that's exactly what it did for nine out of ten women. and that's what it did fo
, benedict xvi was back amongst the faithful for an open-air mass in glasgow. second on the bill -- susan boyle. the pope just arrived here in london, at the end of an extraordinary day. tomorrow, he meets with catholic school kids, politicians and leaders from other faiths. and diane, more protests are expected. >> nick watt, thank you for your reporting tonight. >>> and back here at home, in this country, one of the best hospitals in america was a crime scene today. a distraught man walked into johns hopkins in baltimore and pulled out a gun on a doctor. abc's jim sciutto is at the scene to tell us how the violence unfolded. jim? >> reporter: diane, since the virginia tech shooting, johns hopkins had an emergency plan in place for a shooting like this. today, we saw it kick into action. s.w.a.t. teams and a hospital on lockdown. for more than two hours, johns hopkins was under siege. >> none of us could be by any windows. >> reporter: you were scared? >> yeah, scary. >> reporter: the standoff began just after 11:00 a.m. outside room 873 of the spinal surgery wing. as dr. david cohen upd
. at this mass, susan boyle will become singing what has become her signature song, "i have a dream." she says, it's always been her dream to sing in front of the pope. rob? >> and we're hearing that recent comments by a cardinal could overshadow the visit a bit. >> reporter: this is what everyone is talk about. a senior aide said rooifing at heathrow airport was like landing in, quote, a third world country. he reportedly told a german magazine that the u.k. was gripped by a new achism. he said his comments will be damaging and overshadowed the pope's trip. back to you. >> lama hasan, live in london. thanks, lama. >>> the latest round of middle east peace talks has ended with no agreement. israeli and palestinian leaders are far apart on major issues, like jewish settlements on the west bank. secretary of state clinton meets with president abbas and then the king of jordan. >>> tony hayward is defending the oil giant's role in the gulf spill. hayward acknowledged that bp had failed to top the spill and to plan adequately for an accident of that spill. but he said his company has a strong safe
9th, susan boyle is going to release her new album "the gift." although you may know about it by the regift. i'm just kidding. the first track is called keep the receipt. >> tonight, jimmy welcomes amy poehler and pavement, musical guest weeknights at 12:35, 11:35 central time on your local nbc station. time for your "first look" at entertainment news. a slimmed down clean-cut joaquin phoenix made his return to the show. he apologized to the host for his bizarre apeernls a year and a half ago. both made an effort to stress that letterman was not in on the joke despite one of the writers recently saying he did know. as for what's next, "new york" magazine says he's in talks to appear with leo dicaprio in the upcoming film about j. edgar hoover and his love. >>> was levi johnston glued to the tv watching "dancing with the stars." tmz said he was too busy reading up on local politics for his run for mayor of wasilla. >>> a youtube clip of a "sesame street" performance featuring katy perry with elmo left them to cancel it after they complained about her cleavage. do you think i
." >>> and scottish singing sensation susan boyle fulfilled her dream of singing for the pope yesterday at a papal mass in scotland. >>> at the box office, the teen comedy "easy a" starting the currently red hot emma stone and produced for a mere $8 million is the favorite to take first with $20 million or more. ben affleck stars in and directs the r-rated heist flick "the town." experts see it taking second with about $15 million. >>> and those same experts don't think the new horror flick "devil" will do much better than 10 million this weekend. they apparently didn't talk to the audience that i was in when the preview came on that literally booed the screen. >> the preview? >> twice. on cue. m. night shymalan's name came up and they booed it. two different times i went and saw the movie. or the preview. >> i won't see it, then. >> take that to the bank. >>> i'm lynn berry. this is "first look." "way too early with willie geist" starts right now. >>> christine o'donnell will get a hero's welcome today from conservatives in washington. a day after her first debate as the republican nominee for se
food stamps for food. >>> a pennsylvania gift grader is being called the pint-sized susan boyle. she wowed audiences again on "america's gol talent." the 10-year-old competed for a spot on the show's final ten with this amazing performance. ♪ >> wow! kim baldonado has a behind-the-scenes look at the little girl with a big voice. ♪ >> reporter: it's a voice people can't stop talking about. >> we'll will be talking about jackie for years. she's one of those artists that you remember where you were the first time you saw her perform. >> you kind of feel like you're watching the start of an amazing career. >> reporter: jackie's first performance was so incredible, the internet started buzzing that that powerful voice couldn't possibly be hers. >> people think it's so good, it's got to be fake. these are conspiracy theorists, but it's real. >> i think we have found not only a great star for america, but america's new sweel swe sweetheart. >> every mom thinks that their child has a talent. >> reporter: this 10-year-old only started singing two years ago. ♪ after singing the film vers
called the pint-sized susan boyle. she showed tv audiences again that she's really got talent on the show "america's got talent." 10-year-old jackie evancho competed for a spot in the final ten with a great performance last night. ♪ >> man, listen to that voice. kim baldonado from our nbc station in los angeles has the behind-the-scenes look at the life of the little girl with the big voice. ♪ >> reporter: it's a voice people can't stop talking about. >> people will be talking about jackie for years to come. and she's one of those artists that you will remember where you were the first time you saw her perform. >> you can feel in the audience, this ground swell now of excitement when she swings. you kind of feel like you're watching the start of an amazing career. >> reporter: jackie evancho's first appearance on "america's got talent" was so powerful that people started buzzing that that amazing voice couldn't be hers. >> people were saying, it's so good, it's fwot to be fake. but it's real. >> reporter: real enough and good enough to get her to the semi finals on a national tv show.
. tambiÉn se reuniÓ con la reina isabel y susan boyle quien cumpliÓ su sueÑo de cantarle. vamos a una pausa y al regreso los presentes en el concierto de alejandro fernandez. >> no se pierda haya quieras ensayando. >> primer impacto estuvo presente en el primer concierto del luis miguelen las vega.s ¿quiere ganar un poco más? yo empecé a vender avon porque quería dinero extra, estar con mi familia y conocer gente nueva. me encantan los productos. los productos son fantásticos. es muy importante que yo sea mi propia jefa. hay que hacer una inversión mínima para empezar el negocio con avon. al igual que estas mujeres están construyendo un gran futuro, usted también puede. llame hoy mismo y una representante la ayudará a lograrlo. avon me ha llevado a lugares que nunca me hubiera imaginado. ♪ >>> bueno el cantante luis miguel abarrotó uno de los principales centros de espectáculos en las vegas. >>> y aprovechó para celebrar los 200 años de la independencia de méxico. vamos con tony. adelante. >>> así es, fue lleno total, le dedicó este concierto a su méxico y les cuento
of thousands of people gathered to welcome the pope. scottish singing sensation susan boyle even serenaded him, but it was later that pope benedict and queen elizabeth, ii broached more unpleasant subjects. pope benedict xvi making history with the first official papal visit to brit taken in nearly 500 years. that's what king hen -- when king henry, ivvv spliwith the catholic church. -- henry viii split with the catholic church. >> religion has always been a crucial element in national identity and historical self- consciousness. >> reporter: but the pope had a warning for england. >> it's always maintained its respect for traditional value and more will have a longer value. >> reporter: the thin crowds along the popemobile's route may be an indication of what benedict was talking about. there are only 5 million catholics among britain's 60 million people and overall church attendance is reportedly around 12%. meanwhile the trip has been marred by controversy because of the pope's conservative stance on contraception, homosexuality and the priesthood. >> those views are not shared by most brit
are as excited as scottish singer and staunch catholic susan boyle. [ singing ] >> reporter: she said performing for the pope was a dream come true. this is only the second time the pope has set foot in britain. when pope john paul ii visited in 1982, he was greeted by massive, adoring crowds. but pope benedict will face plenty of protestors, many furious over the child sex scandal. the pontiff said on thursday, it's difficult to understand how priests fall into that, quote, per version. >> we're urging the pope to open the vatican secret sex files. >> reporter: and there has been criticism about the cost to the british taxpayer. an estimated $20 million to pay for travel, accommodations and security, including here at the landon residences where the pope is staying. day one of the pontiff's four- day trip began with a warm welcome from britain's queen elizabeth in scotland. >> i wish you a most fruitful and memorable visit. >> reporter: before it ends, the pope will meet with britains new prime minister and hold a special pray service at london's famed westminster abbey. charlie d'agata, 9 news
grader is being called the pint size susan boyle and she's expected to wow tv audiences again tonight on "america's got talent." ♪ >> a lot of people said it wasn't real but they say it's real. the 10 year old sang around the house but after finishing second in a local talent show, her mom hired a vocal coach. a youtube submission landed her on "america's got talent. ". >> i don't have a pop voice. i would have gone classical because it's different from what many other children do. >> you can say that again. she performs tonight for a spot in the show's final ten "america's got talent" airs tonight at 9:00 on nbc bay area. >> i think she's maybe a little person instead.
in glasgow. it is said to be the biggest one on this trip. one note, at this mass susan boyle will be singing what has become her signature song, "i have a dream." she says it's always been her dream to sing in front of the pope. rob and vinita? >> thanks to lama hasan, reporting live this morning from london. thanks. >>> police in oregon are making changes in the search for an 8-year-old boy. kyron horman has been missing since june. police in the portland area say they have spent more than a million dollars looking for the little boy. police are not saying the search is being scaled back, but a smaller task force of eight to ten people is now in charge of the investigation. >>> jurors in a connecticut murder trial have sat through another day e p matony. it was so emotionally wrenching the judge ended the day's session by telling the jurors they givte a . >> reporter: after three lo years dr. william petit finally came face to face this week with steven hayes, one of the two men accused of killing his wife and two daughters in a brutal 2007 home invasi
. an "american idol" like debut like susan boyle. he rose. >> and obama got the best coverage of any presidential candidate in my professional lifetime or maybe in recorded history. and now you go to 2010. and the president is widely depicted i would say in the press as ineffective, as professorial, as too passive, as boring even. what happened in terms of -- did the journalists fall out of love with their heartthrob? >> well, there is for a start no way he could have met those expectations. >> no. we jacked them up sky high. >> there was no place to go but down. but i do think that what has surprised dismayed the media is they really felt he was a candidate, you had connected with him on some deep hopeful level. and actually, since he's been in office, his major flaw has really surprised us all, i think, is that his communications and connective skills have been the weakest part of his presidency. and that i think has baffled people. >> but to some extent he never could have walked on water the way he was portrayed in 2008. and so here's a guy who has gotten a fair amount done, if you want to me
of the day, susan boyle is going to be singing. she is a faithful catholic and her faith has helped her in some of her hardest times, which perhaps is the last year when she rose to stardom. >> i have to say, stephanie, earlier i saw you talking to little kids catholic school kids in their uniforms and they're convinced that the popemobile goes 150 miles per hour, right? >> that's exactly right. this kid was so serious about it. i said, tell me about the popemobile. well, you know, it goes really fast. 150 miles an hour. come on, 150 miles an hour, come on, you have to wave fast if he's going by that fast. he said, if something goes wrong, the pope has to get away. all age dwrups excited that the pope is going to come here and you can feel that enthusiasm even amidst all the scandal and controversy that accompanies the pope wherever he goes. chris? >> i've got this vision, you know, the pope making a get away. the cape flying and, anyway, it was very cute to see those kids and thank you very much, stephanie, we'll talk to you over the next several days. >> i think he needs to go to the
! tune into "america's got talent" tonight at 9:00 to see if the so-called pint-sized susan boyle will move on in the competition. >> who's going to beat her? >>> time now is 5:56. we have new information on that killing spree in the east bay. we'll have a live report and update, coming up next. >>> plus, what else can they do? apple gets ready to make a major announcement about upgrades. scott's got a preview ahead. >>> plus, after days of backed up service and failed negotiations, we look at the plan on the table todayor transit drivers that could affect your weekend plans. having the right real estate agent on your side is more important than ever. at remax.com, you can find the experts you need, whether you're trying to sell of hoping to buy. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit remax.com today. >>> developing news. a deadly web of violence across the east bay. three people are dead and three are missing in killings from hercules to richmond. we have team coverage of the overnight developments, next. >>> and as that east bay slowdown continues to build, i'm watchin
. she did a nice job. susan boyle, both of these books, by the way, are also coming out october 12th and susan boyle, everybody watched her on youtube, watched her turn from the ugly duckling to cinderella. this is her story in her own words and finally stephen hawking. you don't have to be a real science nerd to read it but he tells you everything you need to know about physical seconds. it's been very controversial. >> because he flipped many years ago and said he thought that god did begin the universe. now he says not necessarily so. >> he's looking for a new reason for "the grand design" the title of the book. you learn a lot from. you think you understand as you're reading it and gives you a lot to talk about with your family and friends. >> janice kaplan, thanks very much. we have a whole lot more on our website plus 13 more picks, excerpts from the books all on our special books page at a tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely ma
performance by a woman who says it's been her dream to sing for the pope. ♪ >> you remember susan boyle, the singer famous on britain's "got talent" and sang three songs for the pope including signature "i dreamed a dream." >>> later today president obama will introduce a woman hired to help protect your wallet. harvard professor elizabeth warren will shape the new consumer financial protection bureau. it is a cornerstone of the reforms signed into law and it was her idea to create the but row. the mission to educate consumers about the fine print and lingo or legal mum bo jumbo to hide things such as high interest rates and the penalty fees. a closer look at elizabeth warren and the reception likely to receive and for that and other political news, today candy crowley. so candy, is she the voice that we need? >> well, i think the first question is what voice is she going to have here? because what's happened. elizabeth warren is pretty controversial. there are at least among republicans who many republicans who think she is too anti-business, that she goes too far in leaning toward, yo
. >> reporter: many recognize piers in this country from a talent show and from the judge that discovered susan boyle. he also happens to be one of the most respected interviewers in the uk. in his show "piers morgan's life stories" he's faced off with prime ministers. >> there's no narcotics swashing around -- >> no, i've never touched any cannabis -- >> reporter: my husband says you plump the cushions up nicely and then whack them. >> i think what i'm known for in britain most is asking very direct questions. >> how vein are you? >> not that vein, actually. i'm actually not. >> how have you kept a straight face saying that. actually, i know how you kept a straight face. a little botox. >> reporter: piers' unique style has made him an insider on both sides of the atlantic from the elite to the royal. >> i had lunch with diana and william when he was 13. she looked absolutely beautiful in the flesh. i remember thinking the most beautiful woman i've seen in my life. >> reporter: american odd yens have no idea, really, of your journalistic background. and you have feasted on celebrities in our co
's visit was a dream come true. susan boyle said she has always wanted to sing for the pontiff, and yesterday she did just that. >> boyle performed three songs as part of the pope's outdoor mass. let's listen in. ♪ that i may never see ♪ so much to be consoled as to console ♪ ♪ most people like to hear they've done a great job caring for their teeth. that's why there's a rinse like crest pro health complete with fluoride. it helps you get a better dental check-up. crest complete rinse makes the difference because it provides all these benefits. giving you a clean, healthy mouth. a more complete way to a better dental check-up. new crest pro health complete rinse. when pain keeps you up, nothing is proven to help you fall asleep faster than advil pm liqui-gels. rushing real liquid relief to ease you to sleep fast. for nighttime pain, make advil pm your #1 choice. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up
warm-up act, the former scottish choir girl turned tv talent show star and internet sensation, susan boyle who sang a medley of her hits. this is being billed as pope been dingt's most political day of the visit meeting with the archbishop of kant bury as you said and gives a speech to british parliamentarians and of course the protesters against child abuse, gay rights and other issues promise to follow him wherever he goes. >> mark, thank you very much. >>> the poverty rate in the united states as bob schafer mentioned climbed more than 14% last year. the census bureau says 44 million people now, one in seven americans, now live below the poverty line. mississippi had the highest share of poor people, new hampshire the lowest. the number of americans without health care was also higher, by 16.7%. >>> this morning wall street critic elizabeth warren says she accepted the president's job offer to create a new consumer protection bureau. >>> the blown-out oil well in the gulf of mexico could be plugged once and for all by this sunday. a relief well was connected to that blown-out bp w
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